Element control issue

- at seemingly random moments all dimmers will go to full intensity and not be able to be controlled by the console. Console describes all channels as intensity 0, and no console controls work. We have shut down the console and re-booted, and it then regains control. We do have a backstage preset system. Is it possible that there is something wrong with the preset system that is taking control of all dimmers at full?

  • Here is something that needs a working network connetion from your Desk and you running sACN in your System. (will not work if you run your DMX via the 5Pin XLRs from the back of your Desk or if you use ArtNet)

    If you open your sACN View (Tab37) you should be able to tell who is currently in controll of you channels.
    Click on one of the effected Channels and check what the viewer is telling you.

  • Interesting. I'm a noob when it comes to networking and protocols. But we run our signal via 5pin DMX, and yet when I open the sACN tab it definitely shows all of the instruments that are connected via wireless signal to DMX. And oddly (I believe) only some of these instruments come on when the loss of control occurs. I'm not quite sure what that means in terms of the cause, but I am learning more by the minute. So, thanks for the help!

  • Running the Fixture with 5Pin DMX is not what i am refering to.

    Since you see something in the sACN Viewer (Tab37), that means on the back of your Desk there is a Network connected.

    And you trow in wireless...
    A wild guess could be, that some of your wireless-components are losing contact and go to full.
    And after the reboot of the Desk, the connection is re-established.

    But that is some wild guess.
    Maybe you can draw us a signal-map to understand things better.

  • I can throw in a little. I was met with total cacophny on stage at on time. Those little DMX wireless receivers, can, if they see a DMX signal at their OUTPUT, TRANSMIT! Honestly. One of our lamps gpt kicked into 'Master' mode which put a signal onto the DMX receiver which then transmitted to cauise total chaos,