Using a PC to run lights

A local small venue asked me about the Puck and Nomad. I’m still not sure what all they would need to run their lights from their own PC. Is it just a Nomad or do they need a Gadget 1 or similar. I.E. what is the least outlay to run their stage from a PC?

  • There are two aspects to get a PC to control lights: license and connection.

    License: The ETCnomad software is free to use in offline mode, but if you want to output you will need a ETCnomad dongle. It comes in two sizes (although physically they're the same), one allows control of 1024 addresses, the other of 6144 addresses.

    Connection: You need a way to transmit the information from your software to the rig. If in your rig you already have nodes or gateways that allow ethernet control (protocols sACN or ArtNet) of the rig, you're set. If you want to use DMX you will need a box that connects to your computer and has a DMX socket. For USB connection you will need to use an ETC product called Gadget II. If you want a networked connection from PC to translator-box you can of course use ETC products, but would also be fine with 3rd party products, as long as they understand sACN or ArtNet.