V 3.2.6 effects not happening on stage

Just upgraded to 3.2.6

Using effect as have done on prior version

Select group of 4 fixtures (Freznos), apply colour & intensity.

Lights doing that on stage

Select group again,  effect 17 (copy of 917)

Channel list show effect applied, Magic sheet showing effect is changing colour values

Nothing happening in lights on stage

I have used Adobe reader to search all release notes from 3.0.0 - search word    effect

I cannot see anything that gives any clue that something has changed

SO - why does what worked before, not work noe

Leo Vaccaneo

  • We're not aware of changes that would still allow color/intensity control and show effect results in a magic sheet but wouldn't allow the effect changes on stage.

    What was the previous software version?

    Do you have a showfile to share? You can send it to eos(dot)moderator(at)etcconnect(dot)com.

  • Many thanks for your response & offer to help.

    Today, the effect 917 - just worked - we couldn't identify what was done differently.

    Effect 912 did not - BUT I think I figured out why.

    On the theatre PC  - It was set to type of color -

    Not sure how that happened - just checked on my home PC and default for 912 there is linear

    and we had channels in desired colour (blue)

    at high intensity,

    and we set the parameters for the effect to be  blue - and it did nothing obvious.

    We changed it to be linear

    and parameters   intensity

    and it gave the desired result -

    the channels set to blue at high intensity then winked up & down

    which was the desired result..

    I find that effects - which we don't use very often - need some tinkering with the parameters etc if we want to adjust them to do something a bit different.

    Most people are reluctant to read the manual and just want it fixed.

    I usually read the manual etc, but sometimes I arrive at my answer by an obscure path where the manual only provides hint.

    This time was "please help quickly" so I didn't get time to review section(s) on how the effects work.

    But we got there is the end.

    Thanks again

    Leo Vaccaneo