BUG - Submasters not unmarking

Having weird issues with submasters not adhering to an off & unmark command via macros.

Multiple submasters being sent to 0 with unmark at 0 not unmarking. 

Also have seen iterations where it has turnt on other submasters that haven't been told to turn on. It is a repeatable issue but the same channels do not get turnt on each time it happens. 

This is a critical issue as submasters are holding intensity & NP's in submasters that are not active. Have split up submasters being sent to zero and also have tried sending them to zero multiple different ways with the same issue being repeated. This is also true on newer versions of EOS.

Have a large multi console system with 5 consoles across multiple studios, all on a user & partitioned control. 

Happy to send over the showfile. This is on a large system which doesn't have any down time and is active 24/7. on v3.2.5.13