Channel selections with regular channels and multicell ignores regular channels

3.2.7, but also 2.9.3

Chan 1 is a multicell channel, channel 2 is a regular dimmer.

Chan 2 + 1.1 At 50 Enter, or
Chan 2 + 1.1 Record Group 3 Enter

only selects/records chan 1.1, but ignores Chan 2.

I assume this happens because the console tries to select [2+1].1 and 2.1 doesn't exist. so Eos wants me to use ++, which does work.

i understand what the ++ is for and i use it in the syntax 1.1 ++ 2. that's with a trailing regular channel. in this case there are actually no hints for Eos which of the two options i want.

but with the regular channel first, shouldn't Eos look at the channels when selecting and find out that 2 isn't MC so it can select the full channel?

thx, ueli