"recall from" recalls (own) preset value instead of absolute

Two fixtures, A: red, B: blue. Both saved and recalled from the same preset.

When you recall the color from B to A, A stays red. If A had another color, it would get red when recalled from B, since the information color from preset X is being recalled, not the color values itself. 

This behavior is somewhat new. I don't remember this from older eos versions. 

Yes, I can use "make abs." but there is no reason for me to do it that complicated. If I want the color from the preset on fixture A I would get it from there.

"recall from" and "copy to" should be wysiwyg, as it was some time ago. 

  • I'm not sure this behaved differently in the past. I checked back to the 2,9 branch which at this point it almost 5 years old and it still behaved the same.

    In a way CopyTo and RecallFrom do behave in a wysiwyg fashion, but it depends where you look. If you look on screen you do get what you see.

    The current behavior is the result of an ambivalent command. It can mean two things, grab the actual color or grab the referenced record target. One of the two ways needs a modifier to differentiate between the two. Since the source has referenced data that's what Eos will push/pull to the target.

    If you want the other behavior you can use the FromAbsolute softkey. This is different from the MakeAbsolute softkey that changes the source. FromAbsolute instructs the console to grab the values within the record target but leaves the source data referenced.