I-Master Sub Not Bumping Out Correctly - Bug?

Hey Everyone,

I've had this problem on and off for a while but after a recent update to 3.2.7 (Missed .8 by a few days) it's more frequent.  Previously on 3.2.3ish.  Gio and Ion XE RPU. Also would happen very occasionally on previous versions. I have an I-Master sub (Additive, HTP, Restore Background, Background Enabled, Stomp Nothing, Exclude Record, FX Off is on, nothing excluding) that contains an entire show.  The procedure has always been to bring down the sub and then bump it out.  Very occasionally, the bump would reset all the non-intensity values but the intensity would all be stuck at 0 in a lighter yellow color - lighter than the regular sub color, but definitely not orange like the staging mode.  The manual and online help do not seem to mention this lighter color.

Ever since the update, this is happening more frequently like almost every day.  The workaround is to bring the sub back up and down, and then bump again.  One time I had to do this twice.

The problem is that it is effectively holding those intensities at zero, overriding cues, and causing confusion amongst crew.  

I was not able to replicate this problem in the Windows offline software, also 3.2.7, after bringing up the sub and down and bumping out about a hundred times.

On the Gio itself in this state of light yellow zeros I tried just bumping in and out without touching the fader and it did not clear these zeros.  

Am I missing something here?  Since .2/.3 did this behavior change?  Anyone else experience this? Or is this a known bug that maybe .8 will fix?