Client showfile download extremely slow.


Lenovo Yoga 6 13ABR8 - AMD Ryzen 7 7730U

Windows 11

New Laptop with same settings as old: previously I could client in to our desk (Gio5 running same software version) via ethernet or via wifi access point. Show would download quickly by either method. This new laptop (which is probably 10X faster / bigger etc) is taking MINUTES to download the show over wifi (right now on this attempt i'm probably close to 10 minutes). All static IPs, no conflicts, same subnet etc. Seems to load normally over ethernet. Very perplexed as to why this newer, faster, better laptop is having this issue downloading the show. I do see the nomad on the network devices as online and it does work to control the show once it downloads (with no lag) but it is debilitatingly slow to load initially.

I've got to be missing something obvious but right now i'm at a loss.

Any help appreciated!