ProVideoPlayer3, DMX Control, and ArtNet

I recently acquired a Mac Pro 2023 to run Renewed Vision's Pro Video Player 3 (PVP3) software with the intent to control it from our new Eos Apex 10 board. I understand PVP3 can be controlled via DMX over ArtNet, but I struggle to understand how exactly I control PVP3 from said board. Has anyone else successfully controlled PVP3 from an Eos console? Any tips to decipher the ML controls for PVP3's workspace and layers?

Some details concerning the setup:

- Mac Pro 2023, Apple M2 Ultra Chip, OS Sonoma V14.5; manual ethernet port 2 set to

- Eos Apex 10, V3.2.7 Build 18; manual ethernet port 4 set to

- PVP3 V3.7; en1 autofilled with

- The Mac Pro tower and the Eos Apex 10 are directly connected by a single Cat 5e cable

- I successfully pinged the Apex board IP address from the Mac Pro, and vice versa. Best I can tell is that these two devices do see each other.

Any help is greatly appreciated!