Unpark parked values?

Hi! My cyc lights are stuck in this value. How do I unpark this? Thank you so much for your help! I am new to this console. I have been watching the training videos, which are very helpful. I still can't figure out how to undo this.    

  • To unpark parked channels you can type (in Live if you want) [Park] [Enter], then think a moment about the impact, and finally confirm with a second [Enter].

    In your case those aren't parked channels but rather parked addresses. To unpark those use [Address] [Unpark] [Enter] (think for a moment) [Enter].

    If you want to selectively unpark you can do so as well:
    in Live: [Address] 5 [Park] [Enter] [Enter]
    in Live: (Chan) 4 [Park] [Enter] [Enter]
    in Park: [Address] 3 [At] [Enter]
    in Park: (Chan) 2 [At] [Enter]

    So looking at your command line, the only thing that was missing was the [At] before pressing [Enter].

    Does that help?