ETC Fixture Library Hub Suggestions

I really appreciate the new fixture library hub and have a few suggestions to make it more useful for end users:

1) While the revision number and date are handy, what would be especially helpful is if it listed the Fixture Library Version that it was released in -- and possibly have that library number a hyperlink that would take you to the appropriate download page.

2) An indication of the profile was build by a manual or from actually testing of a fixture; and if an actual fixture was used, what firmware version was it tested aganst.

3) Logging requests on the website -- so we can see that a request has already been submitted for a specific fixture and that it is simply in queue for being processed. Perhaps an additional feature that would permit a person to be able to +1 (if they're logged on -- to prevent abuse) that would further assist ETC triage the priority of a fixture profile.