LED behavior

I am a bit of a novice on the ION and hope some one can explain further.

Working with some LED fixtures of late and noticed the following...

LED library templates (generally) have HOME values for the RGB as 255 (100 %) with the intensity HOME as 0. I record at 100% intensity an LED in RED (G&B at 0%) on a sub-master, then record that same unit in say BLUE on another sub-master.

Bump the red to get red, bump blue to get blue. If however I use the fader to fade in the color, all values starting at 100 so I go from a white > fade to red as blue and green run from 100 to 0. I can not color mix on the fly with this behavior

So my question is...is there something I am missing/forgot to read or is that the nature of the behavior of an LED fixture?


  • It's partially the way the board behaves by default, and partially the way you've set up your subs.

    I normally copy the default LED profiles and, in the copy, set their home values for colour at zero, not full. This means that you don't get the mix-down-from-white behaviour, but also means you get no light when you bring up your intensity (if you haven't preloaded any colour values), so it's a tradeoff in some ways.

    I also null-out my other colours when building colourmixing subs - so my "red" sub will not have green and blue at zero, because I've [at][enter]ed those parameters to make them blank. So in this case, it would be intensity and red at full, blue and green blank.

    On a side note, there are nice improvements in the works for the upcoming releases in regards to the way LEDs behave - if you feel you can risk it, join the beta software testing group. My experience with it has been fewer bugs in beta, while getting very worthwhile fixes, but your mileage may vary.

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  • This is a little trick of how the console tries to handle LED fixtures. Technically, a normal LED fixture has no actual intensity parameter - a fixture is at Out when the RGB values are all at 0. However, the Eos adds a "virtual intensity parameter" to the LED to make it work with the logic of the desk. So even though the Home value shows RGB at 255, the DMX output on RGB is 0.

    You can easily solve this issue by recording a Home preset with the LED intensity at 100% and each of the RGB values at 0%. Just set that up and record it as a preset, then set that preset as your Home Preset from settings. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks all for your input and reference to other posts. I'll have to do more searching next time.