Astera Titan Tubes

While using the Astera App to setup my Titan Tubes recently, I was having some trouble selecting the proper Modes to use in the Eos Patch. I was attempting to setup the tubes as RGB 16 Pixel Fixtures, so they would use 48 Addresses. But the problem came from the modes listed in Patch not really matching the options available in the app.

In the end, I switched them out of 16 pixel MC mode to a single RGB value.

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  • When it comes to titan tubes i think the App gets a little ticky.

    Not every mode is displayed right in the app.

    If you use the "mode patching on every single unit" the modes a bit better than in "i set a mode once for all of them".

    Had my problems with that too. And i ended up taking every tube and check on the fixture if every thing was right. Because the app said yes, but the fixture was something different.

    But all in all, the ETC fixtures play well with the tubes. At least the 3 i tryed. Hopefully i can try more at the end of the week.

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