[Fixture request] Fun Generation LED POT 12x1W RGBW

Hey there,

I'd like to use the LED Pot 12x1W RGBW of Fun Generation in EOS. I use the 6-channel mode.

Manual: images.static-thomann.de/.../377666_c_377666_r5_en_online.pdf

Will it also be in next EOS 3 Beta Update?



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  • The showtec profile already exists in the current Eos fixture library (2.9.1 build 28), so I would suggest updating to that version. The 6 channel mode for the LED pot fixture is IRGBWS, which we have a profile for in the generic library. Would you be interested in using the generic profile that already exists, or do you still need one created for this?

    I cannot speak for the Beta question, you will need to ask/request that in the Beta forum.