Fixture Request Megalite Target Q190 (RGBW 3 cell generic) - Multicell

I'm looking for a fixture profile for a Megalite Target Q190 as a 12 channel multicell.  This could also be a generic RGBW 3-cell fixture.  I haven't been able to understand or find good info on building muticell fixtures from scratch.  Thanks!

DMX1: Red (cell 1)

DMX2: Green (cell 1)

DMX3: Blue (cell 1)

DMX4: White (cell 1)

DMX5: Red (cell 2)

DMX6: Green (cell 2)

DMX7: Blue (cell 2)

DMX8: White (cell 2)

DMX9: Red (cell 3)

DMX10: Green (cell 3)

DMX11: Blue (cell 3)

DMX12: White (cell 3)

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