Color Problem: Chauvet Slim PAR PRO RGBA

Working with the Chauvet Slim Pro Par, and when I add it to a magic sheet with link to channel color it's home values are blue.  Same thing in the color picker/moving light tab  Home value is appears pretty far into the blue range, when all colors are at 100%.

  • Is the actual output of the fixture blue when you put it at full? The home values for R/G/B/A are all at 255 in the profiles for this fixture, but the profiles also include color calibration data provided by the manufacturer, so what the color picker and magic sheet show should reflect those levels. There may be something off in the calibration data if the fixtures themselves do not output blue, in which case we can create an uncalibrated version of the profiles to use.

  • They output a roughly lavendery white..  you know, crappy LED white, not nearly as  blue as this would lead you to believe. 

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