Elation Fuze Profile (Profile Update Request)

Elation Fuze Profile exists in latest library file but is incomplete. DMX functions and values are attached at bottom.



- Prism, Virtual Swatch Book, CMY controls, Variable CTO controls, Animation Wheel, Gobo Rotation Speed etc.

- Gobo Images

Wheel 1: Elation 134,206,?,153,112,?

Wheel 2: ?, Elation 201,202,203,037,169,?

DMX Functions and Values are Here:


  • Eos v2.9.1 fixture library build 45 currently has 4 modes available for this fixture (compact, extended, CMY compact, CMY extended). Which mode are you looking at specifically? And if we are missing gobo images, we will need those files from Elation as well since they are not included in the chart you have attached.

  • Awesome thanks! I'm working in the Extended CMY mode. Here are some update notes, I'll email Elation about sending the image files:

    #Parameter Numbers:

    #6 - Colour Temperature: Add Ranges for either 100K or select increments:

    Range 1 - 0-23 – “Disable”

    Range 2 – 24 – “2400K”

    Range 3 – 27 – “2700K”

    Range 4 – 30 – “3000K”

    Range 5 – 35 – “3500K”

    Range 6 – 40 – “4000K”

    Range 7 – 50 – “5000K”

    Range 8 – 60 – “6000K”

    Range 9 – 75 – “7500K”

    Range 10 – 86-255 – “8500K”

    CTO Wheel:  0 – 85 or “Open – 8500K”



    1. Add Colour Modes
    2. Virtual Gel Swatch Book (table on pg 35) – Ranges 1-60 and add swatches with filter numbers.
    3. Colour Scroller CW – Add Open and Speed Controls – CW
    4. Colour Scroller CCW - Add Open and Speed Controls – CW
    5. Random Colour – Add Open, Slow, Medium and Fast


    #8 – Change Label to “Green Shift” and add controls/labels per DMX Profile


    #9 – Add Gobo Images from Elation, Add Shake Controls, Change Label “Spin Scan 300 to”  to “Gobo Wheel Rot” or similar and add +/-  speed buttons if possible.


    #10 – Add “Rot +” /  “Rot –“  and “Index +” / “index –“ commands for ML menu. Set rotate gobo home value to ‘Stop’ (currently at -300)


    #11 - Add Gobo Images for Elation, Add Shake Controls, Add Gobo Scroll Controls w speed


    #12 – Add Prism Image (4 facet) with commands for: Open, Prism, idle, and Macro 1-16


    #13 – Add “Rot +” and “Rot –“  commands for ML menu. Set rotate Prism, home value to ‘No Rotation’ (currently at -300)



    #21 - Animation Select – Change Label “Animation con” to “Animation Wheel”


    #22 - Animation Ind/Spd – Label “-180 to 180” as “Index”, “Rot 300 to -300” as “Rotate”. Add “Index +” / “index –“ and “Rot +” /  “Rot –“  commands for ML menu


    #34 - Add function buttons for Blackout by Movement, Blackout by wheel changing


    #35 – Add Macro Title Labels for DMX table

  • Hi there! We got the following feedback from our fixture team:

    Color Temperature

    • This looks to be a bug. This should be fixed in a future software update!

    Color Modes

    • This also looks to be a bug. This should be fixed in a future software update!

    Green Shift

    • In Eos, this is called Tint for all fixtures

    Gobo Images

    • Gobo images have already been fixed in the latest version of the fixture library
    • Shake mode should be present in a future software update

    Gobo Index Speed

    • When possible, Eos always puts + and - directions into a single range


    • This is a limitation of Eos that should be fixed in a future software update.


    • Eos calls Animation "Beam FX"
  • Hi Beck- I've noticed recently that the shutters on the Extended Mode profile are wrong, and the pan / tilt values are wrong (should be 270 > -270  rather than 100% to -100% to be compatible with A3D for example) These may also be wrong on the other modes.

    Would you like me to post my findings here or on a new thread? 

  • You can submit here, please include how the shutters should be set up as opposed to the current setup.