Fixture Request Astera Titans Helios 16bit

Could you please add profiles for Astera Titans and Helios:

16 BIT, (8 Pixels Helios) (16 Pixels Titan) Multiple Strobe

Also for XY, the user range should be 0-8000 so that the XY is accessible.

6837.Titan Tube DMX Profiles.pdf0552.Helios Tube DMX Profiles.pdf

122 D16 CCT GM C RGB S 

123 D16 XYS


  • Are these for 2.9.1, 3.0.0 or both?  What is your needed by date?

  • These are for 3.0 The TV show is in production, and we’ve switched SkyPanels and Kino Freestyles to XY. Our Asteras are 16bit XYs. But we’re getting some kits to do 16 pixel. When I posted initially the shoot date was in two weeks. Now the shoot moved to Monday, and I’ll use one of the 8 bit profiles, probably Hue Sat, but still waiting on colors to decide. If they don’t make it in time for is effect sequence, I’ll aim for the next. Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you.  Your request has been submitted.

  • These should be releasing in the next day or two- but I wanted to explain something about the XY:  Please note that for the X-Y modes we use the coordinate along each axis of the CIE chromacity diagram as the units of measurement for X and Y.  X and Y therefore have values 0 – 0.8 not 0 – 8000 as requested.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

  • If the profile is 0-.8 which I agree is the value on the chart, won't the lights actually be stuck in blue? Effectively the lights receiving a value of 1.  I've changed the user values to 0 to 8000 because that seems to be what actually translates to the fixture, as it seems to know that the values are already less than 1. Plus you get the resolution on the encoders to be able to roll up or down a few points This is the same issue for SkyPanels and Kino Selects/Freestyles though Kino does a range from 0-800 rather than 8000. A range from 0 to .8 doesn't work in the current profiles, and I'm not sure how this change will be any better. How far will a quarter turn on the encoder change the value?

  • We can make the change, but we can't guarantee that that change will make the fixture work in the way you desire.  For one, we don't support direct CIE X Y control at this time, and so have to make adjustments within the profile to attempt to provide control that will function.