Librairy of tetra 2 robe problem

Hello, the tetra 2 library on the eos family is not correct. We can control the light, but the control of the flowers is not good and practical and we cannot make one of the flowers spin at the desired speed. on the other hand it is complicated to work in multicell. Do you work on the library !?
thanking you in advance for your return

  • Can you provide as much detail as possible regarding the issues you are running into with control? Additionally, please attach a current copy of the fixture manual or DMX chart. I will pass this information along to the profile creation team to work on.

  • Hello Thks for your return

    I'll try to explain the different problems I'm having with tetra 2 ROBE.

    The Dmx Charts is Accessible on the link so below from the ROBE website

    We currently use the "Tetra 2 ROBE" in mode 2 (56 Parameters)

    For the explanation I do not use them in multicell, the problems are the same.


    Problems with intensity management:

    Once selected the Tetra 2 ROBE we control one of the 5 intensities which is "Intensity" the intensity of the background which is the first intensity parameter on 5 parameters:

    1 - Background Intensity                                                                                                        

    2 - Master intensity

    3 - Intensity Flower1

    4 - Intensity Flower 2

    5 - Intensity Mask


    It is strange not to manage the "Master Intensity" when selecting the projectors.

    Ex :

    « Tetra2 » at Full Enter

    The "intensity" of the background rises to 100% but the "master of intensity" being at 0 there is nothing happening on stage.

    Intensities “1“, “3”, “4” and “5” should be full default except for the "master of intensity" that we would control directly. 


    Flower management:

    To activate the flowers:

    - Selection of tetra2

    Flower 1 Management :

    • Image
    • Beam Fx Select
    • Deployed the parameters
    • Selection 4 Mirrors Kaleidoscope (this is the only choice we have) .
    • Activation of the LED Background to full + the flower 1

    There should be only the activated flower and not the layer underneath we have an overlay of the color of the background on this LED + the flower 1


    Flower 2 management :

     Management is different from the first flower

    • Image
    • Beam Fx Select
    • Deployed the parameters
    • Selection 4 Mirrors Kaleidoscope (We have 3 Parameters here)
    • Activate Flower 2
    • this subtracts the background color of the flower 1
    • We now have both flowers at 100% without pollution of the background color.

    We can't have only one flower active right now.


    Rotation of flowers

    Flower 1

    • Beam Fx Ind/Speed
    • We use the  Wheel coder to spin the flower one way or the other at the desired speed.

    Ok for the rotation of this flower.

    Flower 2

    The management is different.

    We have 3 Choices on the "Beam Fx Select" setting:

    • 4 Mirror Kaleidoscope Rot +
    • 4 Mirror kaleidoscopes
    • 4 Mirror kaleidoscopes Rot –

    We can only choose the "Rot+" and "Rot-" parameters without any speed management.

    So we can't use flower rotation right now.


    Color of flowers

    Flower 1

    If we want to color flower 1 regardless of the background color, it is necessary for flower 1 To activate the parameter "Color mix" a virtual colored wheel

    • So we choose a color in "Color Mix" a color settles for the background.

    From there we have exclusive control of Flower 1 over the RED BLUE GREEN WHITE color settings on page 1 of the color settings. We can use the color picker to color the flower.

    Can't we have specific parameters for managing the color of this flower? Without having to go through a colored wheel for Background??

    We have parameters” Foreground Color 2” for the flower 2 and “foreground color 3” for the mask. Why we don’t have “foreground color 1” for the first Flower??

    Flower 2

    To color flower 2 we have the specific parameters "Forground red 2 Flower 2" "forground blue 2 Flowers 2" etc.

    We can't ultilize the Color Picker with this flower and in multicell we can't choose the color for both flowers at the same time

    Organizing color parameters

    The organization of color settings takes place on 5 pages of 4 parameters

    - Color page 1

    Red /Blue /Green/white

    - Page 2

    Color mix /Color temp/Color mod2/Foreground 2 color Red

    - Page 3

    Foreground 2 color Blue / Foreground 2 color Green / Foreground 2 color White / Foreground 3 color Red

    - Page 4

    Foreground 3 color Blue / Foreground 3 color Green / Foreground 3 color White /Foreground Color mix 3

    - Page 5

    Hue /Saturation


    Is it possible even left an empty parameter to group the "Foreground 2 Color" and the "Foreground 3 Color" on the same page of parameters??

    Ex :

    - Color page 1

    Red /Blue /Green/white

    - Page 2

    Color mix /Color temp/Color mod2/ Empty

     - Page 3   

    Foreground 2 color RED /Foreground 2 color Blue / Foreground 2 color Green / Foreground 2 color White

    - Page 4

    Foreground 3 color Red/Foreground 3 color Blue / Foreground 3 color Green / Foreground 3 color White /

    - Page 5

    Foreground Color mix 3 / HUE / Saturation.


     its projectors are complex and my English is approximate and I apologize. I try to be as clear as possible, but it is obvious that without the machine with you it will be difficult to understand the problems that I try to explain to you.

    I hope I've been pretty clear

    Best regards

  • Thank you for the information, I have passed this along!