Change Request: Cameo MovoBeam Z 100

Hey there,

I'd like to request the following change:

Fixture/Mode: Cameo MOVOBeam Zoom 100 36ch MC [36] [5 Cells]

EOS version: v3.x / Augment3d


The endless pan and tilt modes can't be seen in Augment3d. I added a virtual Pan Mode. I changed the source of the modes of Pan fromt Pan 2 to Pan Mode and changed Pan 2 to Pan Rotate with modes given by Pan Mode but it still does not show up. I am able to change modes of Pan and Pan Rotate at the same time but it does not help. Same applies for tilt. I can't say exactly how it has to be changed. It seems to be complicated.

Moreover the Pan and Tilt ranges are wrong. Both are given from -100 to +100:
    Pan goes from -180 to +360 (since it is 540° rotation)
    Tilt goes from -135 to 135 (since it is 270° rotation)

Also in the given fixture profile I can't stop rotation. There is no stop (channel 3 and 6 each on 127-128)

There some more issues. Like strobe user ranges. I wasn't able to figure it out exactly. But I think the Labels of ranges are codewords for Augment3d, aren't they? Is there some kind of table to be able to match the real life as best as possible to the Augment3d fixtures?

Furthermore the LED Ring is full on by default. Since the "master channel" is the beam lamp and the Cells are given as not mastered, the LED Ring is always on. I'd like the int home value of the Cell "MOVOBeam Zoom 100 36 channel RGB sector (Cell)" to be changed to 0. Also in programming it is weird to select Cell 2 to 5 to actually access these LED sectors. I'd like them to be Cell 1 to 4 and the channel Ring to be cell 5. Since it is just about strobe, Color-Macros and Dimming the LED ring, it is not used as much.

Zoom range should also be DMX 255-0 and User 4-30 in order to fit the real life fixture. In manual it is given from 4° to 30°.

That's it for now Joy

I just used the 36ch MC Mode, I think ranges in other modes could need a change too.

If you'd like I can share my testing showfile with changed fixture somehow.