Wrong tilt range Martin Rush MH 3 Beam

Hi all,
the tilt range of Martin Rush MH 3 Beam is incorrect in eos (tested with eos 3.1.0 Build 282, fixture library version
It is set to -135° to 135° in the fixture profile, however the correct range would be -110° to 110°.

The (incorrect) manual can be found here: https://www.martin.com/en/site_elements/rush-mh-3-beam-user-manual-4edbe9bf-5b93-44a8-a6b4-526b05e9b045
The manual has written 270° tilt range in the DMX protocol and 240° in the specifications, however the value of 220° as written in the spec-sheet (https://www.martin.com/en/site_elements/rush-mh-3-beam-spec-sheet-english) is correct. I tested it with a real fixture.

Best regards
Johannes Felber