WLED profile request


I'd like to have a profile for DYI lights build with WLED. 
I'm not sure how to build my own profile for the Effect mode.


  • Hello Jan,

    the DMX-Chart on the provided Page is not so detailed.

    I would take a wild guess and say that the colors are in 16bit mode.


    Maybe you can confirm that somehow?

    Did you already started with a own profile? If yes, are you willing to share your start. And we can work on it together.  

  • Hello and thanks for your answer,

    I have not realized that there is no effect description on the first link I provided. It can be found here https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/wiki/List-of-effects-and-palettes

    Your guess of 16bit make sense from that short description, but it is not correct unfortunately. Some of the effects may use secondary color. Both primary and secondary are just 8bit.

    I would share my profile, but I was only able to set up the primary color and the intensity so it is not so much :D

  • Hello Jan,

    good Information.

    And apparently there are 2 Versions of the Fixture. Because White is optional. I would guess that the LED-Pixels could be eighter RGB or RGBW.
    Two Versions, no Problem.

    How i would do it:

    1. lay out all the information.
    2. try to order them for EOS
    3. look for fitting Names
    4. think of wether it could be a Multicell Fixture or not

    We could make a spreadsheet for that:


    Channel Property EOS Category Wish name EOS Name
    1 Master Dimmer Int Intensity Intensity
    2 Effect mode ID Form FX Mode ?
    3 Effect speed Form FX Speed ?
    4 Effect intensity Form/Int ? FX Int ?
    5 Effect palette ID Form FX Pallet ?
    6 Red Primary Color Red Red
    7 Green Primary Color Green Green
    8 Blue Primary Color Blue Blue
    9 Red Secondary Color Bgr Red Bgr Red / Red2
    10 Green Secondary Color Bgr Green Bgr Green / Green2
    11 Blue Secondary Color Bgr Blue Bgr Blue / Blue2
    12 White Primary (channel optional) Color White White
    13 White Secondary (channel optional) Color Bgr White Bgr White / White2
  • Hi Mathilda,

    your table makes a sense to me. Is there any reason why the EOS names should not match the wish names?
    I think that FX Intensity should be the Form parametr. It is not always intensity, but sometimes even period or rate.

    This time I do not need RGBW, but as you said there can be two versions. This all depends on leds used with WLED.


  • Dear Jan,
    this Table could be, kind of, used for every Fixture you like to build.
    Sometimes the Parameter from the manufacturer is something that is not used in the EOS-World.
    Than the next stepp would be to guess something that could be fitting.
    And the last stepp would be to look into the Fixture Editor and find something in the List.

    For a Multicell Fixture, for example, i would rather put all the FX-Parameter in a sepparat Cell and make the FX-Int a regular Intensity for this Cell.

    But this is just how i would do it.

    Are you fine on your own from here on, or do you need more help?



  • Hello Jan.  If you can attach a PDF of the actual user manual for this fixture, I will be happy to submit it to be added to th fixture sibrary inthe console.  However there is an extensive backlog of requests, so using your custom built profile until it is available is recommended.

  • Dear Jan,

    i don't know if you have been successeful. But i have made some fixture profiles to look into.

    The Multicell version is a little bit different then the regular version.
    There are 2 Multicell versions, 1st with forground-Color and Background-Color at the same Level. And the 2nd with the Colors in different cells.

    And the Effect selection is differently named between the regular version and the Multicell version.
    The different Parameters for the FX selection is effecting the Encoders. Having FX Lib as parameter will NOT swap the Encoder in "Framed"-Mode.

    WLED-Fixture v3.0 2022-05-20 14-53-12.esf2

    Maybe it is helpful.



  • Dear Mathilda,

    sorry for delay in my response, I was busy with a new show and have no time for this.
    I will check your profile, many thanks.

     there is not and won't be any user manual. WLED is just a library for small wifi enabled MCU. But we use it for DIY lights with stripes of individually addressable LEDs. Documentation is available at the links I posted earlier.


  • No Problem. We are all busy ; )
    Don't make haste

  • Hi Jan, 

    For the 1: Single RGB, you could probably use the the Generic LED RGB profile.  The same is true for 2: Single DRGB, but I would use Generic LED IRGB in that case.  

    As for 3: Effect, I can see the listed effects and properties but without ranges from 1-255 that each of these actions takes place, I do not believe we will be able to create this profile.