Profile Request - Christie Pandora box 8

Hello Team,

Can we ask for a profile for the Christie Pandora box version 8?
We have Eos software version v2.9.2 and lately this year we are going to buy the Eos Apex 5 console.

There are 2 modes: first with 53 channels and second (with some effects) with 97 channels per layer.
We found older profile for Coolux Pandora box v5 and it's working in first mode (53 channels), but not in mode with effects.

Product URL:

Manual URL:

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  • I guess so. We (in our small theater)  just got the new Pandoras Box 8 by Christie and tried to make it work with our EOS ETC console. When we tried to patch it with one of the profile (with effects) we found in console it didn't work correctly (I guess there are some changes between version 5 (the last version we found in console) and 8 (version we have)).

    We downloaded fixture library update version 2.9.3 build 3 and 3.1.5 build 9 on this page (  and looked to file FixtureList.html and I found there "only" Pandoras Box 5 by Coolux.