Fixture Request for ETC-Ion - 'Mag-180Spot' 180WLED Chinese Mover

We are looking to have a profile created for our new chinese movers.  They are pretty amazing for under $350 each but the profile does not exist anywhere.  I had Strand create the profile for our other console and we have used them in other shows are we love them and want to use them at our other school with the ETC board.

Thank you in advance!

Light Manual (has DMX channel specifics listed)

The link to where we bought them

NOTE: They are sold under different brands.  Ours are labeled ART-TECH, but I see the EXACT SAME ONES sold by different companies who simply change the name on the sticker.  So if not ART-TECH, they are called Aitque, SquareLED Kobold, LCG Products or LAStage.