SGM Light i-1 Linear Fixture Profile Request

In EOS v3.x, please create a fixture profile containing the following modes.

New modes to be added are:

  • 3-Channel RGB
  • 4-Channel RAW (8-bit)
  • 6-Channel CTC (Default mode)
  • 8-Channel RAW (16-bit)
  • 10-Channel RAW CTC
  • 3*/6**/12 Channel Pixel

DMX Chart is attached.

A manual currently is in draft and not yet available. This is an RGBW linear fixture which does not move and comes in 3 lengths; 1-ft., 2-ft., 4-ft. Pixel control is defined in 1 foot segments and is therefore only available on 2 and 4 foot versions.

SGM_i-1 L_RGBW_DMX_Chart_Rev_1.00.pdf