Change Request: Cameo Zenit W300 Lamp Control wrong values

Hey there,
the lamp control paramters in 8, 10 and 15 channel mode are wrong and color calibration modes (raw, user, factory) are missing. Since factory has an awful red, I'd like to switch remotely to raw when I'm in venues with uncalibrated fixtures.
Fixture: Cameo Zenit W300
DMX Table: (mode 8, 10 and 15, last channel of each mode)
Found on EOS Beta 3.2.0b272 in Library (02.Mar.2023)

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  • Hey ,

    I use Fixture Library Version and at least in 10 and 15 channel mode, the color calibration values are missing. I still can't change the color calibration of the device per Lamp Controls tab. This was a problem when last week I was at an event where 28 Cameo W300 were hung up to eight meters high. They were from two different suppliers and they were in different modes. I was able to fix it by creating a new showfile with dimmers patched to all control channels and just setting the int to the specific number and waiting a few seconds. But it would be easier to have the ability to click one button in lamp control.

    Another little comment: Would it be better, if there was a virtual parameter for color temperature mode and the color temperature itself? At the moment there is a parameter 'Color Temperature':

    If you click on Temp+ you always go to 5192. In my opinion it would be better to have a parameter 'Color temperature' which just saves the value in Kelvin and a second parameter 'Color temperature mode' which toggles it on or off. Similiar to how pan modes are handled on fixtures like cameo movo beam I think. The advantage would be, that you could quickly toggle color correction on or off without losing information.

    Thanks Slight smile

  • Request submitted for this change to how the profile works.