download problems

i have tried to download the files 5 times and each time it gives me a 'network error' just as its about to finish.

  • Michael,

    This is a common issue I have run into at the office.  The most likely case is that your anti-virus is causing this failure.  A couple options to try that resolved this for me (test one at a time):

    1) Instead of downloading the file, choose "Save As" and save it to your desktop instead of the default location.

    2) Try changing your default download location.  Sometimes your computer is just having issues writing large files from the buffer memory to that particular folder.

    3) Turn off your antivirus (Windows Security or 3rd Party) and try downloading again.  You can also try just turning off HTTP/Port Checking if you don't want to disable the whole application as this most likely the cause.

    Hope this helps get you working.

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