THPP Intro and Advanced show files

We are using THPP with our students to introduce them to Augmented.  They have all worked through the Project Guide using the Intro show file.  What is the difference between that and the advanced show file?  I was assuming that the advanced file would build on the Intro file.  But that doesn't seem to be the case.  

  • the difference is the other way round: advanced will let you start earlier in the setup. From the workbook:

    Project Paths: Intro & Advanced
    The Hamilton Programming Project includes two show files, which allow you to take an introductory path through the projects, or an advanced path.

    We expect the average user to take 6-8 hours to complete the introductory path. The introductory path is designed to get you a taste of all aspects of the projects, but most of the rig is already in a usable state.
    Your job is to go through the projects, and verify that the data is correct. There will be some locations where information is missing, or focuses are incorrect. You should correct the discrepancies, and move through all the projects in order to check your work.
    To get started in the intro path, load the show file titled “The Hamilton Programming Project – Intro – Rev A.esf3d”.Project Paths: Intro & Advanced 9

    We expect the average user to take 2-3 days to complete the advanced path.
    Want the full experience? The advanced path gives you all fixtures in the proper hanging position with gel, and not much else. While time consuming, this path will also give you the most practice in Augment3d.
    Go through the projects for all fixtures, ensuring all patch and focus data is correctly executed. You will likely encounter some fixtures that are difficult – use your knowledge of Eos to correct problems like flips, incorrect shutter order, etc. To get started in the advanced path, load the show file titled “The Hamilton Programming Project – Advanced – Rev A.esf3d”.