Gobo orientation - relative to the stage or fixture?

So in project 3 of THPP it shows the gobo orientation required. Pardon my inexperience, but is that how it should look on the stage floor, or relative to the fixture? 

Might be a simple question but our theatre has never been able to afford anything as fancy as a gobo. ;)

  • Without giving everything away, I would say: beware of believing everything that is presented to you in one area of the project without comparing it to another.

    Both in the "intro" and "advanced" paths, there are purposeful errors and inconsistencies. Even for the Intro path, the project guide states: "Your job is to go through the projects, and verify that the data is correct. There will be some locations where information is missing, or focuses are incorrect. You should correct the discrepancies, and move through all the projects in order to check your work" (pg. 8).

    Spoiler: this is one of those areas. Remember that you have as a resource the actual conventional focus charts. Working from that PDF, and comparing individual focus photos to the project 3 "orientation" images, it is possible to work out the answer to your question. ;)

  • Ok, that's great. I can work with that. I mainly wasn't sure if it was a standard thing to say "orient the gobo this way" and it means something specific. 

    I'll work with the documentation and make it happen. Thank you

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