Putting in Focus Tape

Hiya all,

So I'm all good with what the project wants from me with inserting the focus cones, but I'm lost on the focus tape. There's no object to insert, and the doc just says:

"For the focus tape, you can use Label objects in your Augment3d model to put down the measurement markers in the space."

What does this mean? The Label object is just floating text, and I doubt the point is to stretch out a text object to the dimensions of the tape. I also would have thought that if they wanted us to make our own tape objects out of basic shapes, they would have just said. And the grid that comes with the model isn't lined up to where the tape is supposed to be, so I can't just label that.

What am I missing?

  • I don't think you're missing anything Ruth,The idea is to simulate focus tapes out of the A3d Numbers to make it easy to focus the conventional lighting rig.  We lay down these cloth tapes across the stage and upstage/downtage. If you placed the cones then maybe you don't need the focus tapes. But as you focus the conventional fixtures finding 13R @ +7 may not be so easy without them. We lay one L/R of the Turntables so we don't have to pull them up if they need to spin them.

  • You're on the right track. Just insert individual measurements and place them in the correct place. There is no tape per se, but just line up the measurements and it will do the job. I got really confused at this too, not even knowing what the label object was talking about.