Under Review

Absolutely something we would like to do. We're going to take a look at expanding the conventional configuration options in the future. 

Diffuser Lense Support

Could we add support for diffusion lenses to the patch, with rendering capability in Augment3d?

I've noticed that while there are options in patch for beam angle and gel color, there isn't an option to select fixture optics. With fixtures like the ColorSource PAR and the S4 PAR, diffusers/lenses make a huge difference in the visualizer. While we can use the beam angle field to get a close approximation in a pinch, this involves looking up specification documents and does not support optics that produce a non-circular beam.

Here's a couple of suggestions of how this could be solved:

  • Introduce an optics library. Similar to the gobo library, potentially context-sensitive based on the selected fixture type.
  • Allow the ability to specify beam angle using a "slash" syntax. For example, the user could specify "29/58" to emulate a ColorSource PAR MO diffuser.

Also, the ability to specify field angle in addition to the beam angle would be nice, but I'm not sure the Augment3d engine would support that, and isn't strictly necessary based on ETC's design goals for Augment3d.

Thank for your amazing work so far on Eos 3.0, and keep up the great work! This is a truly exciting update, and I can't wait to see how it looks come final release.