OSC support for getting a channels' parameter ( /eos/get/patch/// ?!)

When pulling data via OSC there is welcome support for high-level features like Augment3d or FPE, Palettes or Pixmaps - but none for the basic parameters of a channel.
This it would be amazing to get: /eos/get/patch/<chan>/<part>/<parameter>

( Ofc one can subscribe, then successively select each channel to get the desired parameter. But this method is rather laborious and requires a ~0.25sec pause between requests per each channel to avoid mixed up replies, thus taking some quarter minute to go through 50 fixtures. At least on my system, EOS 3.1.2 Nomad on Windows.
In comparison "/eos/get/patch/<chan>/<part>/augment3d/position" runs so much faster, smoother, easier! )

Also great would be flags like Park : /eos/get/patch/<chan>/<part>/Park ?!