UCI For a Nonlinear Show

This was a User Control Interface (UCI) I built to control a nightly kids character show I tech designed. The graphics were created in PowerPoint, I saved to jpeg, imported into Magic Sheet, and added the button functionality with transparent Eos buttons overlaid on top. It was designed so that anyone could look at it and understand what it does. This particular version doesn't appear to have the bit of text that explains that buttons in red are "hot", meaning they do something as soon as you tap, while buttons in other colors just load commands and wait for an Enter command to execute. So in the macros, buttons in red had a diamond at the end (if they were loading effects or cues) while non-red buttons would say something like "Go to Cue x Time" forgoing the diamond at the end so that the user could sort of put the right cue on standby and then hit the big enter button at the right time. 

Originally this was designed for Trent Barclay's Eos Remote app, which previous iterations of this UCI design were running on via iPad. This version had to be run directly on Nomad however at the time, but I'm pretty sure Trent recently fixed the bug that prevented the background image from loading. So nowadays I'm pretty sure this could run on iPad as well. But the end user guy said he prefered using a mouse. Mainly for the more tactile feedback stuff. Makes sense. It's nice to feel like you're clicking something solid. 

This definitely is not the final iteration of the design. The final version was a lot better than this render. Not sure where the most recent one is though. It has the functionality to switch between days. BTW I had this first Monday sheet programmed to load up fullscreen with a snapshot on the super easy to remember m 10 enter command so that end users could pull it up super fast without having to learn the super strange Eos screens.

This was I think the 3rd and final major redesign of the sheet. It was a pretty cool show.