Clear_CmdLine Select_Last Record Color_Palette Wait_For_Input Label

I made this for all pallets, and 2 versions for Presets. With and without intensity.

Will record Pallet/preset for the last modified channels, wait for input of number and open the label dialog.

It helps alot when doing a lot of pallets during pre-programming. Wait_For_Input can be exchanged for Next to speed up if you go by number while recording.

The Non, int Preset. Remember to not have a Enter at the end to give time to type the label name.

Clear_CmdLine Select_Last AllNPs Record Preset Wait_For_Input Label

Not the most advanced macros, but will maybe start the forum moving.

  • I use this all the time but I add in a Color {make absolute} so that I don't see gel references if I am recording from there and make them By Type. So:

    Select _Last Color Make_Absolute Enter
    Select_Last Record Color Palette By_Type Wait_For_Input Label

    I also have one for updating CPs.