Qurey Intensity Cue 1/5 Thru [Enter] Select_Last Record Group 9999.99 [Enter][Enter] Blind Cue[Enter]Last Last[Enter] Macro_Loop_Begin Next Group 9999.99-Select Active Focus Color Beam@[Enter] Macro_Loop_End

I call this Macro "Track Autoclean FCB v.0.1

I made this macro for shows stored in Cueonly mode. When we go through the cues starting at the beginning we constantly create Dark and Live moves (D & L).

This macro cleans all Darkmoves and Livemoves from the current cue to the end of your cuelist.

I have variations of the macro were i just clean my last selection not the whole show.

Another Variation is a macro not specially for cue list 1.

And my most used variation is with targed device Backup so i dont lock the desk i`m working on. BUT WATCH OUT. Running such a macro on another desk u need a loop count specified, i have 50 cues. This Because u cant stop a Macro Loop on another Desk by Macro. U would need to walk over and hit a hardkey to stop the loop before u can run the macro again. I found it easier to just limit the cleaning to 50 cues.

Also the macro i showed here MOSTLY ends in a Error when theres nothing to clean like in an Blackout Cue or when it comes to the end of the cue list. U then just hit [Live] or [Escape] and u can go on working on your show.

AND last but not least. I use several variations of the macro for almost 7 years now. And i know what i`m doing. I had unexpierenced EOS operators having their show messed up while using this macro. So please take care (and enjoy) ;-)