New X-Key Layout attached.

Hi everyone.  We have attached an X-keys layout for this new device from PI Engineering.  This is a backlit keypad (in blue or red).  We've set this up so the layer function toggles to the "red" layer.  We've also placed in stock die-cut labels for this layout, with the text color suppressed for the inactive layer, while highlighting the text for the active layer.    You can order these from ETC Inc for no charge.  The part number is  4250A4067.   This can be ordered from the American ( or European ( Swag store.  

Otherwise, they can be ordered from your ETC distributor/dealer. 


Thanks all!


Link to PI Engineering Site:

Download Zip File (pre 2.3 - old shortcuts):


2.3 and up - new shortcuts:

updated link to new xkeys layout
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