alert time in eos


I´m a Cobalt user and thinking of going over to Eos after the discontinues of the cobalt family.

So one of my many questions about Eos is if there is a equal function as the Alert Time in Cobalt and Congo.

I have tired searching for this I'm both the manual and forum and so on....

But this feature may have a different name in Eos than Cobalt. So my searching is without luck.

For those of you who doesn't know what alert time is. It is a feature that records the timing between the go button presses in the cue list.

And than displays it as a countdown the next time you run the cue list. 

A really handy thing for when my colleges are running the show and are not familiar with the show.

Hope this makes sense to you all..

Regards from a Swede in the north.

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  • Stupid question,...
    But what will you do if the dancer is 10 seconds before or the actor is 15 seconds later then the alert time say...?

    If you have a so exact show that you really ever press all cues at an exact time after the cue before, you can solve it with follows and hangs.
    So you must only press one time at the beginn of the show the Go Button...