MultiConsole Off stops working

Hi all,

I've found a weird situation where MultiConsole Off seems to get disabled. We're running an Ion and RPU with the Ion as primary. The show is setup for the stage manager to power on the Ion and click a "startup" macro which powers on NDs and runs MultiConsole On. After the show they click the "shutdown" macro which powers down NDs, has a 6 sec wait time, and then runs MultiConsole Off. Normally this all works fine. They've complained in show reports though that sometimes "shutdown" isn't working.

Testing it today I found that whenever the Ion is powered on and then a MultiConsole Off command is sent (like they're hitting the wrong macro first) it doesn't power down the Ion. It is doing something though so that once the RPU is powered on (via multiconsole), then multiconsole off is no longer working. I'll send a MultiConsole Off command from the Ion and nothing happens. RPU is still syncing though and saying it's the backup. Also interesting, if I do power off device at the RPU when it's in that state both the RPU and Ion power off at the same time. Doing power off device at the Ion though only shutdowns the Ion, and the RPU takes control. 

Anyone else run into this? It would be nice to make sure MultiConsole Off always powers down the whole system. Meanwhile I've told the stage manager to just be careful.