Robe Robin CycBar 15 Mode 1 fixture profile incorrect/not working properly since 2.8.0 and up

I'm having a issue with the fixture profile for Robe Robin CycBar 15 Mode 1 since updating to 2.8.0 (and later 2.8.1). The ranges for the colours (rgbw) have changed into "2 ranges", so you essentially can't work with this fixture in this mode anymore. Now I do have an older showfile, created under 2.7.x, where the profile still does what it is supposed to, so for now I can make do with a merge, but it's not ideal, of course.

Unless I'm doing something wrong? But have explored every known avenue of desk settings, colour mix modes etc. But simply comparing the old and new profiles already points to some kind of error.

Anyone any thoughts?