OSC double triggering (touch OSC)

Hi all,

I'm using an ETC Nomad and am currently trying to set-up an OSC keyboard to help with programming using touch oscillator and Mac High Sierra. My issue is that each button seems to trigger twice. Ive checked it with oscillator and OSC data monitor. I only have Send on 'Press' checked for each button. I've tried just Send on 'Release' same result, local feedback on/off no change. Tried altering the range from 0 - 1 to 1-1 still no joy. Any thoughts suggestions would be gratefully received. also changed ports etc. Find this very strange to be honest. Tempted to try and use Lemur but I'd rather stick to Touch OSC as for some reason I have an easier time of connecting to different networks with Touch OSc.


Have tried to attach my touch oscillator file but not sure if it has worked. 

Google drive link may work