[Go] Button problems

Last night the [Go] button on our ELE2 stopped working mid show! Diagnostics confirmed the [Go], [Back] and [Master] buttons were unresponsive. They had a good tactile feel and their travel was free and unimpeded. The board was restarted and the buttons came back on line!

In June this year we had the same problem the only difference being that functionality was not restored after re-booting. The Console was shipped back and a loaner requested. It cost us a bundle in shipping

Were these different problems? One hardware and the (latest) one software?  We ran an Expression 3 for 20 years that we could rely on. Today we enter the booth with some trepidation. This is a shame because we were actually thinking of replacing the Exp3 in the smaller theater with an ELE2 for standardization but now are wondering if this would be wise. Do others experience these problems or are we a bad statistic?