{By Type}

Still some confusion here. I read; "{By Type} allows you to record one channel of a particular fixture type in the Palette/Preset which it will apply to all the fixtures that are of the same type (only). Then, when you apply it, they all come out the same rather than you having to copy channels across several lamps to duplicate the color."

Hmm! Why would a record of any one channel be of use to me. Using a regular Palette I can record the R, G, B, W, A levels to save a preferred color I can call back. It also begs the question what if my color channel wasn't the first in the fixture's profile?

  • you're confusiing channel, parameter and address.

    every "box" that outputs light is a channel. no matter if it can only do intensity or if it has many fancy functions it is still a channel.

    so Channel 1 is the object that's patched to the channel number one. it is NOT one of the addresses or one of the parameters that a light might have

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