Net3 Radio Focus Remote Battery Issues

I have been trying to use our new RFR and every time I go to unplug the mini-USB from the charging port the unit dies. Could this be caused by a bad battery? When plugged in the unit functions normally and seems to always have a low battery warning but is still usable. When charging the unit is kept in the off position with the switch on top of the unit.



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  • Hi Zach,

    Since the unit is brand new, it would be great if you would give us a call at tech service:

    Americas -  Local: 1.608.831.4116 or Toll Free: 1.800.688.4116

    London - +44 (0)20 8896 1000

    Germany - +49 (8024) 47 00-0

    Hong Kong - (+852) 2799 1220

    Thank you

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  • Of the three different RFR devices I have used, they all  seem to have battery problems. We have switched out the rechargeable to standard alkaline ones and had no problems. Just make sure that if you do this you don't try and change it via USB!



  • I have a RFR for a Ion.  I have had some issues with the battery as well.  The first issue was from dropping the unit which had loosened the battery connections.  To fix this I just used a thin tool to bend out the battery terminals to make the batterys fit snug again.

    The second problem was the same as yours.  Every time it was unplugged it turned off immediately.  I just replaced the rechargeable battery's with new Duracell Rechargeable ones and that fixed the problem.

  • I've also had battery issues, especially since upgrading the RFR and basestation software.

    After leaving the batteries (newish) batteries on the charger for 24 hours, I go to focus.  It seems I get to half-battery indicator in 20 - 30 minutes.  After 90 minutes (total) of use, I get down to 1/4 battery remaining.  After 3 hours, the battery indicator is empty, yet teh RFR still runs, for quite a while it seems.

    This is the reverse of the indicators prior to the upgrade, where it would last quite a while near "full", but as soon as it hit 1/4 remaining, I knew I had only 20 - 30 minutes left.

    Any thoughts, ETC, about how long the remote will last once the battery indicator is showing Empty?


    Andrew Riter

    Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

  • In reply to Andrew Riter:

    I understand my usage on a film & TV set is different than a stage focus, but I too had terrible battery life, and I got into the habit of turning off the RFR immediately after using it.  I have taught the gaffer that I'm, "booting up", when he asks for something and I'm on set w/ the rfr and it is currently off. He understands that is the price to pay if I'm not sitting @ the console. There have been shots where I was sitting on set to take the lighting cue; I run a stinger to my position and operate the RFR without turning it off. I don't know if that would work for you in your space, but if you're @ a podium or table, maybe that would work. Then when you need to walk away with the RFR, just unplug & go. I didn't like the RFR on my belt unprotected, as I am climbing thru the greenbeds & perms, so I first placed a screen protector on it, then, I got my wardrobe 'set costumer' to build me a leather case. I love it. I had him work off the case I have for my Color Meter III. I had him put double cut aways on because I didn't know which way would be most convenient - keys facing me, or keys facing out. Turns out I prefer keys out.


  • In reply to Andrew Riter:

    I have getting the same results as Andrew.  The battery meter drops to half pretty quickly, then goes down to the barest sliver of a bar at a more reasonable rate.  Once there, I have no idea how much time I have left.  The other day I ran repeated channel checks for over an hour after it got to the lowest reading.  I gave up on the experiment before the battery did.   I suspect that the battery meter is more the problem than the batteries.  We have four RFRs and are experiencing the same problem in all of our spaces.  Could this be a software problem?

    Hal Crawford

    Arlington Cultural Affairs

  • I see from this thread (and others) that EOS family RFU Battery issues have quite a "long beard"... sadly so does mine! it is a genuine "power hog" in the same way like all described in the previous posts, just even worse!
    if I'm not turning it of after each set of "focused chan. out/new chan. on" command, it is very unlikely I'll finish focusing (that usually lasts between 1,5 to 2 hrs) without it depleting the battery! in addition to that, when battery is low, it starts to frequently loose base station connection (usually just after it "found" it again, few sec. after... like, within"chan. xy on" command)! and, if battery isn't at least 60% full, it has a problem of reaching the base station, placed 12-15m away, behind the dry wall...
    so, cause many years passed since the problem was noticed, I was wandering if there's anything new about eventual improvement (if not even solution) of Net3 RFU battery life?! what baffles me even more is that similarly looking device of Congo/Cobalt family "lasts" for days without recharging (at least so I'm told by my colleague that have it with Congo jr console)!

    gratefull for any kind of info about that...

    consoles are Gio and Ion running latest software available and RFU unit displays 2.15 number when boots up and it operates on 2.410Ghz

    god I miss old and almost indestructible remote from Expression family consoles... they worked from "cafeteria across the street" and their 9V battery lasted for months and months...
  • In reply to drugmirko:

    This may be a left field answer but using the Iphone or android remote might be a better approach now?
  • In reply to drugmirko:

    I haven't seen power drain as bad as yours. My battery indicator still drops off to empty within 45 minutes, but the unit will run for 7 hours.
    Have you tried new chargeable batteries?
    Have you reduced the time before the screen goes to sleep?
    Can you reduce the power of the handheld, without loosing connectivity?

    My unit was always losing connection to the base station, regardless of battery level, but once we moved the receiver to the house and connected via Ethernet home run to the console in the booth, that issue disappeared and I've had great reception for years.

    Is your receiver in the booth, under a balcony, and not easily line of sight to the handheld device? That might also help with the connectivity.

  • In reply to Mike A:

    thanks, we did... but it is kind of unpractical to "climb&dangle" over stage portals, bridges and ladders, having "touchscreen" device strapped to your belt or hanged around your neck... if they get banged against something, they tend to break.... over time, we accidently dropped old Expression's RFU few times (and banged it countless times) from our main bridge (some 8+ m high) and it still works... I can't imagine the same with touchscreen phone ;)
  • In reply to Andrew Riter:

    yes, we did all that :( .... thanks.
    and with tim we learned how to "milk" just enough "juice" out of it to finish focusing of our main stage... the problem is that we plan to replace our Emphasys based Expression 3 on our second stage, with Ion that doesn't have its own remote. we always focus one stage after another and since stages are one next to another, carrying base station from Gio to Ion would be a "question of seconds"... but, if damn thing barely "survives" focusing on one stage, it will definitely be useless on second one (situation with "dry wall" described in my previous post is from second stage and, after focusing main stage, there's no chance in hell we'll get to it with 60% of battery charge)...
    we work in crews of two and we can't afford for one of us to sit behind the console if remote "dies"... there's no time for that, cause we have only 3-3.5hrs to focus both stages before evening performances start... and we definitely are not "shelling out" almost 3k eur for another Eos RFU set, if battery issues are not resolved!

    so, since RFU battery life is problematic for years I decided to ask if something was done about it... it obviously wasn't... shame, cause in every other respect Eos family consoles are exceptional products for classical theatre...

    thank you kindly for your answer anyway...
    best regards
  • In reply to drugmirko:

    Seriously why not just use the iphone or android app, it can do more than the RFU and battery life should not be a problem.
  • In reply to Mike A:

    well, as I said above... because if you bang this...:

    ...encased in sturdy metal casing, against iron bridge fences, portal ladders or safety guard bars or, god forbid, drop it from higher than 2m of height, is something completely different than if you doo do that with this:

    and because in 97% of time we don't need much more of RFU's capabilities than turning channels on and of as fast and reliable as possible. when your production is aprox. 470 to 500 performances and 16 premieres (with 2/3 of their reherehearsals stage) per season (in 10 months) and theatre's light crew counts only four guys, you need a "tool", not a "toy" ;)

    don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound disrdisrespectfulbut simple, sturdy and reliable remote is something really usefusefulen if you can't "re-focus your mowingheads" or "label your cue" with it, like you can do on wi-fi "touchscreen devices"... the one from Expression line of consoles was like that! and Eos line one would be too, if its battery charge would last at least one day...

  • In reply to Mike A:

    it seems I wrote something "undesirable", cause my previous post is still being "moderated" :)...

    but, as I said , we don't, because when your 10 month season production consists of 16 premieres and aprox. 470-500 performances and theatre's whole light crew is "made" out of just 4 guys that "service" 3 stages (ok. "two and a half" cause Studio's production is not that "numerous" :)... ), then you need a proper tool, not a "toy"!
    a sturdy and reliable tool, that can be banged and pressed against fences, ladders, portal tower guards, even dropped from various heights (by accident or when ones own safety becomes more important than the tool one uses)... and unlike the sensitive touchscreen devices, this WAS such tool:

    ... its replacement, though far more capable in its functions - isn't!! because of l*usy battery life... :(

    don't get me wrong, I mean no disrespect, I believe wi-fi touchscreen devices can be and are nice solution... but in our daily "rehearsal&performance turn-over", available focusing time and house rigging, they simply are not as usefull as good old sturdy metal rfu...
    on the other hand, if you look at rfu's price and the way its functionnality is crippled by battery depletion, not really "happy thoughts" cross ones mind and one would expect at least some manufacturers effort about it...

  • In reply to drugmirko:

    I understand and saw your original post on email before this whole thread shutdown for moderation and I didn't get what you said was bad either !!

    I get it that its a tough environment but there are some quite rugged touch screen devices out there. CAT (as in the people that make the big yellow earth movers) do a range of them for construction environments ranging in price from about $200 for a reasonable level of indestructibility up to $500 for the full military spec.

    Anyway just a thought
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