Cue Copy Limiters or more granular control

So I have found a lot of the time designers may say to copy a cue over another one but keep the label, it would be really good if you could filter the copy of cues down. For example, you could copy a cue - label, or copy a cue data only leaving all timing, label, notes, scene breaks ect as they are. This would also be useful when copying a cue with a scene header to another cue as you could say copy without scenes.

As far as I know the only way to do this at the moment is to do the copy then make the changes back, changing labels and scenes manually.

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  • what you can do already is choose to only copy the label, only copy the notes or only copy the scene from one cue to another. those options show up as softkeys when you type Cue x CopyTo y
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    I did see those so thought this could possibly be a nice addition to those, as I mean copy the actual cue, so all the data and everything but leave the label the same as it was.

    So for example if I have two cues, Cue 1 labelled 'Home' and Cue 3 labelled 'Restore'. We completely overhaul cue 1 changing everything and update it cue Only, as Cue 2 is a cut away. Designer says Cue 1 Copy to Cue 3 but keep the label. I would then do Cue 1 CopyTo Cue 3 - Label, and Cue 3 would still be labelled 'Restore' and not take the label 'Home'. I hope that explained what I meant a bit better, with this it could be expanded to allow much more granular control of the copy so exact timings ect wouldn't be lost.
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    I think you're after a 'minus labels' option as well as 'labels only'.
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