Color the cues in a cuelist

A neat addition to Hog would allowing certain cues in a cuelist to be background filled with a selected color. This could help out with programmers that are setting up shows for those that are less Hog savvy or those that like color coordination for organization. 

  • Thanks for sharing this Kyle. I did not know that there was a hidden color column. While I would like the whole row to change colors (similar to how a Link cue is a different color), I think the color column is an acceptable work around!

  • Not sure if this will be helpful, but with the cuelist open (such as after double tapping a Choose key), if you right click on the column headers, and click on "Show >"; you may enable a Colour column.  This color will only appear in the cuelist's view.  Coloring the cues in the on the Playback Bar can cause confusion as we color code the text based on a cue being in a "go" state, "halt" state, "release" state, etc. In the Cuelist Directory, you the directory items also show the "go", "halt", "release", etc. color coding, as well as any color coding you chose to do on a cuelist.