Expression 3 to Emphasys server software


we are trying to donate our old and for years unused Expression 3 console, together with its Emphasis server, but unfortunately, when console was last used, it was "downgraded" to 3.1 Expression stand alone software.... Now, it can not be connected to a Empahsis server, because the floppy disk with software that would connect it to server as facepanel is corrupted, and doesn't want "to go" over the 12% of the setup....

Is there any possibility to download the necessary software (even though it will be quite a challenge to find a comp with a 1-44 floppy to transfer it :))...), because together with the Emphasis server, it still is quite powerful and usable console for a smaller venue that mainly uses conventional lighting, with occasional RGBW LED fixtures and doesn't have much moving head.... Especially since the shows can be stored on server, which would eliminate the need for constant "floppy disk search" to store your show on to...

I'd appreciate any info, tnx


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  • tnx for help

    I think that guys in the venue (puppet theater), won't need WYSIWYG.... what they need is ability to address more than 48 channels thy can do now on even far more ancient ADB console. And as I said, even the 800 channel Expression alone would mean "a lot", but with Emphasis, it would be far easier.... to save show files without the need for floppy disks, to edit personalities of eventual intelligent fixtures and even to have 4 unlocked dmx universes..

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