Cailbration XYZ on HOG 1000

Yesterday i tried for the first time to program position with XYZ axis on HOG 1000, but by operating manual it doesn't work. In manual is a few information, but in real programing i don't know, what to do. After pressing calibrate is displaied inscription that can't find palettes cal DSR...but this palettes I created before a named DSR, DSL , etc. Naming position like DSR, DSL..etc doesn't help, pressing twice ,set' doesn't help too. I don't understand this. I miss some real mode for this mode, where can i enter data of width, height and depth of stage. After one hour experiments i write here, to consult this with somebody. Does work this way of programing on HOG 1000? Has somebody better and bigger aproach how to get position in XYZ mode?
Thanks for an answer.