Setting cue times

Is there a way to set the time for a single cue so that updates take that time by default. In particular, suppose I write a cue and then set a time for the overall cue by typing "Cue 1 Time 4". Later I decide to add another fixture to the cue. That fixture is assigned the default cue time which is set in preferences rather than the time I assigned the cue, so the cue ends up with split timing. Is it possible, once I have assigned a time to a cue, to use that time instead of the global default?

On a related note: (this is probably an enhancement request) Suppose I have already set the cue time to 4 secs. One fixture has a time of 20 sec. Now my time is "4s, 20s" where 4 is the time for everything except the one fixture. I would like to change the cue time to 5 secs without changing the one fixture that I have set to 20s. In other words, "Cue 1 Time 5" sets the global default time for all fixtures in the cue that have not been explicitly set to something else. How would I do this?

As long as I'm asking for the stars, suppose I have 20 fixtures set to the 20 sec time in a cue with a time of 4 sec, how about a way to change the 20s without changing the cue global time.
  • There isn't any preference for "merge timing" or "update timing" but what you can do is mask in the timing when you have the fixture in the programmer. For example. If you want to throw a desk channel into a cue you could put the desk channel at the right intensity and type into the command line "[intensity] [time] and then the fade time of the cue you will be merging into. Not what you are looking for but a quick way to set fixture parameter timings.

    For your second request there currently isn't any way to change all but one fixtures timing without putting lots of work into the command line. As of our current feature set it would probably be easiest to open the cue in a cue editor and do a select all minus the one fixture you don't want to change and then change the timing.

    I am not sure what exactly you meant by your last request. Perhaps you can clarify.
  • My workaround in the first case is to enter all the fixtures and then going down the cuelist I can see where the time has been set to default for one or more fixtures. I then set that time to whatever I want for that cue. This method works as long as all times in the cue can be set to the same value. If I have already set one parameter, e.g. pan, to some other value, it will be reset by the action of setting time in the cuelist. I can go back and change that parameter if I remember which one(s) it was. If it was several, it's hard to find them all.

    To clarify the last question, it's merely the above case where a large number of fixtures have a time other than the cue default, and that time is the same for all. Suppose I want the pan on fixtures 1, 3, 6, 7, and 12 to move in 20s and everything else in 4s. It's tough to do this, but if there were a way to change all the 20s to 25s or all the 4s to 5s, that would accomplish what I want.

    Thanks, Chris.
  • Rick-

    Have you tried to edit the fade (or delay) times in the cue editor? It could fix some of those problems, where you can chose with the mouse or finger which fixutres you want to select, press set, and enter the time you want for specific parameters. I know when I want to edit specific times, it sometimes is a lot easier to do it in the editor than on the command line.
  • Yes, I use the cue editor. It works for small things, but if I add many fixtures to a cue, it's tedious to go in and change all the parameters from default to the cue time. Not impossible, just tedious.
  • I agree, would be a lot better to be able to have some of the keystrokes you mention sometimes. When all you want to change is all a specific fixture set, could work. Maybe you could try making groups that would allow you to grab the fixture sets you'd want and change their times? It would allow you the flexibility to change specific fixtures you know would work in that respect??? Maybe a workaround...