Getting MTC into the Road Hog

I looked around on the forums a bit to see if there was any current discussion about using MIDI on a Road Hog console, but didn't see anything recent. My situation is that we've got a Road Hog console to replace an older console of some sort, and we need to be able to follow MIDI timecode. I am not the one who purchased the console, and if I were hopefully I would have noticed that the console doesn't do the MIDI thing.

In any case, I was wondering if there was any progress on making a MIDI widget for the road hog, or integrating drivers from a third party company. Failing that, I was wondering if anybody has had luck converting MTC to LTC, so that we could use the LTC widget that's already available.

I've been looking around, I found one product that is meant for MTC/SMPTE conversion that might work, the Rosendahl MIF3. Apparently Midiman (now M-Audio) used to make a product called the Video Syncman that could do the same task, but it doesn't seem to be in production any more.

If anybody has suggestions, I'm eager to hear. Also, adding some MIDI expansion capability to the road hog would be a really big selling point.. So any High End reps reading this, take note. :)
  • You could use an LTC widget with the console too, then either use the LTC signal or convert it if possible. Aswell as the SMPTE method you mentioned.

    If you use timecode alot the person who bought it either didnt listen to the oerson at the demo, or didnt read the specs. The Road Hog is the price it is because it doesnt have the features of the other consoles. It is entry level. But its too late now, I know this isnt your fault, but maybe you should point it out to the person.

  • David,

    You can connect a USB SMPTE Widget to your Road Hog console and then convert your MTC to SMPTE via an external device. Or maybe your original source device can output as SMPTE instead of MTC. Then you can trigger cues on your Road Hog. MIDI support has not been added for the Road Hog. The USB SMPTE widget information is here:

    Joe is incorrect in suggesting the MIDI/Timecode processor as it is an Ethernet device that will not function with a Road Hog console.
  • [quote=bradpepe;36481]
    Joe is incorrect in suggesting the MIDI/Timecode processor as it is an Ethernet device that will not function with a Road Hog console.

    Thanks for that Brad. I have a few Road Hog demos I am running in the north of the UK in co-ordination with Mark, and this was one of the few things I was unsure of. I have removed the incorrect information.

  • I think the situation involved a lot of "Oh, by the way..." things. As in, "We need a new light console to replace our old Hog 500." (I don't know if it's a Hog500 they're replacing, or an Obsession, or what, but you get the idea.) So, we spec a Road hog, and them months later "Oh, by the way, it needs to run cues off MTC." Oops.

    I've never used a console that didn't have MIDI built in, actually, it rather surprised me that it was explicitly excluded from the Road Hog. Oh well.

    Still trying to find options on an external MTC to SMPTE conversion box, so suggestions are still welcome on that front.

    Thanks for the help, guys!
  • David,

    M-Audio used to make the MIDISport 8x8 which would do the conversion you need. They don't show it on their website, but a quick google search for "midisport 8x8" found many of these new and used.