Roadhog full boar + Martin Maxedia via ARTNET

To start with, I have tried searching for answers.

I'll have a setup where I use RoadHOG Full Boar and Martin Maxedia Pro.
I have a video back wall (ShowLED Animation) that I should control from Maxedia. Just using the video output.

I also have 40-50 Alkalite Trackpod TP81, which I want too controll from both the Hog consoll and Martin Maxedia Pro with Art-Net.
All the Trackpods are all placed so I can use som patterns/animations with them all.

I just have 1 dmx univers output on the Maxedia, and want it too use the univers from Roadhog.

Is it possible? how do I connect it? and what do I need?

I have 10 days to figure out something.

I hope you all understand and have som answers ;)